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Motor City Drum Ensemble Down to two last shows at XOYO, but.. we keep the...

07/12/2017 - 08:47
Down to two last shows at XOYO, but.. we keep the good stuff coming!! In room 1, I m delighted to welcome Andy Carthy aka Official Mr Scruff. Andy is something of a rare breed today - striving for the perfect, making no compromises. This entails bringing his technical engineers to each gig to set up the sound system, his own visuals/preferred light, his own mixer (in this case an Isonoe) etc.. so when i say XOYO will have never sounded better than tonight, i mean it! As much as he’s dead set on having specific things right technically, you would be surprised how open-minded he is when it comes to the music - I ve heard him play anything from HipHop, Soul 45s, Reggae, Disco, Boogie, House to Broken Beat, and he does it in style, in his own special way.. And for this fact, there are many believers out there, including myself. In Room 2, another fine British gentleman, who likes to keep a low profile despite him being, arguably, the worlds best disco dj at the moment: Mister Red Greg. Me and many of my peers share that sentiment - Darren is the perfect combination of immense knowledge, razor-sharp mixing skills, and, most importantly, always having an eye for the crowd. Sometimes i feel like in the somehow a bit elitist world of record nerds, things can be a little stiff - Not so with Darren. He knows its not about rarity, but about what keeps the crowd going. And when you see him working another dance floor to the usual frenzy, you will understand why he’s regarded as THE disco dj by many at the moment.
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